Student Affairs Section



     Student Affairs Section is the office to support organizing activities, services, medical welfare, sport and recreation for student and NIDAs staff with Student Union Executive Committees cooperation in dealing with NIDA on behalf of all students. Our major duties are coordinating, controlling and looking after students from each graduate school through providing the variety of activities. Weve developed the studentsquality of learning lives including NIDAs staff. Student Union Executive Members whose tasks are promoting Master degree and Doctoral degree students to achieve knowledge, wisdom with morality, keep learning, think systematically and socially, be discipline, healthy, internationalized, responsible for society and communities by implementing studentsactivities to create experiences and learning. Before the end of their term, we will provide the new committee election which will be voted by all students themselves. Our office is consisted of 5 services as follows: Activity support service, Welfare service, Administrative and General Affairs, Procurement and Accounting service and consulting service.



     To become the organizing activity center to provide studentsactivities inclusive of offering sport, recreation, and studentsand NIDA staffs welfares and academic extensive activities for improving and equipping students with desirable graduate characteristics in 5+1 areas of ethic and morality, knowledge, intellectual skills, interpersonal and responsible skills, numerical analytical thinking/communication/information technological skills + leadership.



     To strengthen studentsvalue and commitment in national development on the robust Thai art and culture basis inclusive of creating service awareness between NIDA staff and receivers and increase staffs participation development for social benefits leading to sustainable development.


Student Affairs Section conducts the activities by applying NIDAs philosophy which is WISDOM

: to develop studentspotentialities toward World Class

I    : to promote and create innovation for being Innovation institute

S   : to support and develop society as in Social Responsibility

: to strengthen discipline such as Student Union Election Project and Punctuality Campaign Project

: to open mind and listen to other opinions for example NIDA student relationship Project as in Open Mindedness

M : to encourage morality, good deeds and gratefulness to lecturers such as Almsgiving ceremony and Teacher ceremony as in Morality